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A year in review

11th January 2014

2013 was a year of preparation for us. During the spring we created a brand new portfolio for ourselves, and more recently, through winter we’ve been working on a brand new self-initiated presentation engine for creatives called Dogma. We’ve dubbed it a storytelling platform - it has a focus on a longer format of creative editorial and is perfect for adworld professionals, designers, directors and creatives looking to tell the stories behind the work they create. Infact the idea came from the process of working on our very own site and the way in which we wanted to focus that to the world. We’ll be talking about that in more detail when we launch the first portfolio.

Summer saw the development and release of two new projects for us. Firstly our new site for PowerGlide which propelled the brand into the world of ecommerce. Perhaps not a big leap for many, but in an industry that primarily works behind a traditional dealer network it’s a progressive first-step to providing the brand with a new channel of revenue that it can control first-hand. The result has be outstanding, outperforming targets practically tenfold and has prompted the group to rethink how they approach their marketing spend and an increasingly dominating digital marketplace. We can’t talk much about the second project and our role in it's development and realisation, suffice to say that the product - a completely tablet-based onsite personnel management and administrative platform, performed very well in its pilot and we’re excited to see what the organisation do with it in the future.

Lastly we’re almost ready to put our accountancy and bookkeeping platform live. In development for a little while now, the platform is designed to cater to the needs of sole traders, freelancers and small to medium sized companies to handle all elements of their accounting requirements from creating and sending invoices to filing their quarterly VAT returns.

So we feel very much prepped and ready for 2014 and we’ll be sharing some very exciting updates about Dogma with you soon.

PowerGlide Cues

1st May 2013

Profission are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new site for Unicorn Group brand PowerGlide Cues. The site also marks their first full foray into e-commerce. Previously the domain of their dealers and distributors; in a difficult marketplace PowerGlide have stepped up and are now actively creating online commerce opportunities for the network of dealers.

Built from the ground up around their core product range the site is designed to put the cue first; a particularly challenging type of product to promote and display correctly in the browser. The new site features full length, high-quality cue shots and galleries against a clear and concise layout and style. The range is backed by PowerGlide's social network activity.

The new site has been live for almost two weeks now and we've seen an incredible response; the average visitor is spending twice as long on the site as the previous site and are exploring roughly four times as many pages during their visit. The brand is currently enjoying a very healthy basket conversion rate, which is just as well as we had to put their money where our mouth is on this project and produce the entire thing on a guarantee of a return for their investment.

Drew Wheeler

30th January 2013

It is difficult for photographers to garner much recognition for their work when it appears in campaigns. Not least in fashion where the input of several creatives is required to create a successful job. Unless the photographer's reputation is enough to be carry weight on its own, the praise he deserves can be so easily overlooked. And this is why there aren't many smiley photographers in the world.

Drew has recently moved over from Melbourne and is establishing himself as a photographer here in London, assisting some of the capital's finest fashion and portrait photographers, including internationally-acclaimed shooters such as Sven Jacobsen and Marius Hansen.

Profission developed a simple logotype and identity system to work in a variety of different configurations over his photos and on more traditional flat backgrounds. The identity features an amended double-W that connects first and second name together. This mark acts as a monogram that can be used on its own to stamp photos and also allows some interesting options in cutting two shots from the same shoot together to create subtle stamps through the photography.

George Butler

5th January 2013

George Butler is an artist and illustrator specialising in travel and current affairs. His drawings, done in situ are in pen, ink and watercolour. In August 2012 George walked from Turkey across the border into Syria, where as an unofficial guest of the rebel Free Syrian Army he spent 4 days drawing the civil war damaged, small and empty town of Azaz. These drawings were reproduced by the Times, the Guardian, and reported on the BBC and CNN.

Drawing has taken George around the world, depicting the oil fields in Azerbaijan, soldiers in Afghanistan, reconstructive plastic surgery, G20 riots, the New York Fire Department and Asian Elephants.

As friends and, of course, great admirers of his work, we decide to give George a bit of a platform for his work. The challenge was in creating something light and simple enough to let his very fine and very airy style breathe. We hope we’ve succeeded. Take a look.


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