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Profission's founding team have produced strong and effective presences for some of the world's foremost leaders in business, entertainment, lifestyle and commerce. We extol the web and the continually evolving digital and mobile marketplaces as the essential conduit through which people experience and engage with the products, services and organisations they choose to make part of their everyday lives. Our small, all-senior team prides itself in its capacity to achieve the very best from the medium for you, and your customers.

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A certain amount of strategic consultancy is involved in any digital or brand project. Profission's all-senior team work very closely with our clients to build a mutually respectful relationship that allows us to completely understand both the business and its environment, and allows for a clearer interpretation of the design and development process. After a competitive analysis of the marketplace we audit the effectiveness of current digital communications and look at the needs and expectations of the target audience. We have determined the proposition and plan our progress forwards.


We take pride in getting personally involved with the brands we work with; helping to define and position the outward face of the business. Our critically-acclaimed design team are involved at every step of the project process to ensure that brand values and message are not diluted or confused. The conceptual phase develops the project against a series of internal milestones, client reviews and test parameters. It is during this stage that our research and planning evolve into a tangible activity our clients can get excited about.


Technical proficiency is at the heart of our agency. We marry outstanding creative and best-in-class development capability. Our workflow from design through each discipline of product development ensures the work we launch is as compliant, comprehensive, well-made and inspiring as it possibly can be. During this implementation phase we develop, review and test the platforms and tools necessary for our clients to operate, communicate and share their message with the world.


The relationships we build last because our effectiveness grows with our client's success. A continuing cycle of measuring, analysing and expanding the performance of the projects we work on provides us with proven methodologies to increase conversion, to increase interaction, to reduce churn. To motivate our ongoing clients to do more and to push their message harder we'll offer KPI-based project phases, lessening their risk and the need to sell more complex ideas to the board.

Strategy & Planning

Profission can provide consultancy and advice at a strategic level, ranging from brand positioning, search and social media strategy, advertising, marketing and financial modelling. We know what's involved to help you move your business forward; whether you need to take your concept from inception to float, or you need to address customer retention, logistics, resource or financial management, we can help.

The principals of the company all have respected industry backgrounds. Collectively they have: raised funding for, and floated, internet businesses; run internet based companies; built and managed some of the most successful online business in the UK and Europe; managed pan-European advertising and marketing strategies; sat on the board of public companies; and built businesses from the ground up through to fulfilment.


Profission's award-winning design team have produced strong and effective presences for some of the world's foremost leaders in business, entertainment, lifestyle and commerce. For us the digital and mobile environments are unique, evolving ways for people to experience your product or organisation. The Company prides itself in its capacity to achieve the very best from the medium for you, and your audience.

Our team often receive critical acclaim for their work in projecting brands online in digital and mobile media, through traditional media, motion and installation; through viral or promotional marketing and advertising campaigns. More, we will help you protect and project your brand as you go forward, as adherence and belief in your own brand are vital.


Competent interaction design and information architecture methodologies are the fundamental constant of the digital creative and development process. They enable the demands and desires of the client to align with the needs and expectations of it's audience; allowing design, technology and strategy to culminate in great experiences and projects that engage and inspire.

Our collective experience covers more than simply the production of websites and bespoke software; usability, accessibility and design can be taken for granted, but an understanding of how to tailor and leverage your offering make the difference between a good digital presence and a good business.


With the advent of the cloud and the ever-evolving world of mobile content delivery there is often much more to a digital project than simply designing and building sites and software. An ever-increasing need for third-party integrations, API distributions and geo-locational services mean that even the most engaging project in the world can fail if it has a poorly designed architecture or it can't keep up with your users.

We are no strangers to the world of scalable systems and distributed computing - from flat-table asynchronous processing and on-demand server deployments down to load-balanced clusters and data-centre design. Whatever your project may entail we have the experience to design a future-proof architecture that won't let your business down.


We believe that the skills required to assist a client do not end with creative and technical ability - if you do not fully understand the sector you are working in, it just isn't possible to do the best job for that client. That's why we even have chartered accountants, FSA regulated consultants and business gurus on the team - it takes more than a brand and a website to make a business a success.

We actively manage and engage social media strategies for our clients, providing both the creativity and implementation required to stimulate and build brand loyalty in digital communities and giving your audience the platform they need to hear your message, and in return, be heard.


Profission play a significant role in the digital marketing plans and branding strategies of most of our clients. As well as creating ideas, producing experiences and platforms to engage audiences we're also charged with measuring their effectiveness, advising our clients on how and when to proceed and sharing industry insight into where we think they should be channeling their efforts, and their budgets.

Websites & Online Commerce

Our relationship with English Batmakers Gunn & Moore started strongly; a new site and CMS gained them an immediate 500% increase in the amount of pages their audience were visiting and how long they were spending on the site. In the three years we've been working together we have rolled the platform out in four territories, running two different product ranges simultaneously and grown search traffic by 200%. Our work with the world's premier name in darts; Unicorn has seen a steady 20% rise in site visitors year on year, which has grown their audience by more than three times the size it was before we started work.

During 2011 we started work on a complete digital platform for stock music company Cinephonix. Backed by instinctive search and track filtering system and themed playlists the site is geared towards giving users searching for production music an opportunity to experience the library in their own way, at their own pace. This young upstart is set to face its more-established rivals straight-on and bloody a few noses.

2012 saw us redesign one of the UK's leading online multisports superstores; Looking at every step of the commerce journey we have been able to increase engagement at each level of the process, providing the store with better promotional opportunities and product support. The result is a strong platform for the store to move forwards with and gain increasing ownership of a difficult marketplace. Our new commerce venture for PowerGlide Cues will see us put our money where our mouth is; the continued evolution of the site and shop are entirely based on our success at increasing turnover.

Social Media

Profission were engaged by Unicorn Group in 2010 to manage and grow its brands through social media channels. Over time we have produced and deployed Facebook apps to engage their audience; transferring dependency on their websites for news and updates onto social channels and introducing new opportunities like competitions and team chat. By unifying their social strategy we have grown referral traffic through social media from 3% to 86%. During the Darts World Championships coverage in January we are now generating more than half a million page views across the Unicorn website with no external advertising at all.

During 2012 we were engaged by the GSMA to create an entirely new social platform. Our fourth project with the Association, we launched a digital wall of messages and conversations created by their members and audience to discuss and showcase new developments in the mobile to mobile industry.

Mobile Platforms

As browsing trends move away from desktop and onto mobile and tablet platforms we're seeing a demand from our clients to create complex marketing support and services tailored to these devices. Our Connected Community project for the GSMA was designed to be tablet and mobile-friendly from the start; allowing users create and share content through devices in exactly the same way as they can through desktop environments.

Late 2012 saw our first tablet-orientated project for financial advisors Advies; their entire website can be used as a walkthrough aid for advisors to introduce the business and their product offering face-to-face with new clients.

Profission are currently engaged in mobile app development for a significant new startup venture in the transport sector and we look forward to unveiling that soon.

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